Thursday, February 15, 2018



Under sink is always the most unorganized area in our home. We take it for granted because nobody will look at your under sink so, you just throw everything down there.

I don't have much things in my undersink but it has been a mess there. Dishwashing liquid, cleaning tools, garbage plastic, empty cooking oil bottles, empty bottles and such. I never take my time to do anything about my under sink until one day, while browsing Pinterest and I stumble upon a nicely arranged under sink. It makes me think, why shouldn't I clean up my under sink and rearrange everything nicely.

It took me about a week looking for containers for my under sink and I found everything at Daiso. They have like a whole lot of nice and practical containers. Japanese are genius when it come to storage and organization. I love it!


The best part is this makeover just cost me less than RM25.00. Scored!


Thursday, January 4, 2018


I wanted to do this project for months but don't know what delayed me. It just a simple thing. What I need to do just to get few stuff from pharmacy and put everything in one box. Sound simple but it takes time (months?) to drag myself to pharmacy that just next to my office block. 

Anyway, last week S had a back pain and muscle sore. He need pain relief patches and some vaporub but I don't know where I put them. Looking everywhere and only found them on the shelf in the store room. So, the next day, at lunch time, drag myself to Watsons to buy some medications that I think need in my household. 

I don't have kid (yet) but if you have children in your household maybe you need cold packs, thermometer or mosquito patches. I just get for what I think adults needs like for headache, tummy upset, muscle sore or cuts.

I bought adhesive bandages (assorted size), ActiFast tablets, Gaviscon, Eno, Salonpas, Dettol, Vaporub and elastic bandage. I think this is what I need for now, maybe will add more later. I sort everything in a transparent container so I can easily see it.

As for adhesive bandages, if you have kids, please buy those fancy design. I actually had a hard time to choose one. There is moomin, starwars, color block, pastel color, hello kitty omg its so cute hahaha but I just bought the normal looking ones, yes I know boringggg. Maybe I will get that later cos its too cute to not buy one hehe.

Anyway, don't forget to label your container with bright and bold font (which I haven't done it yet), so your family members aware that you have a first aid box in your house.

On lighter note, please check expiry date for all medication before buy and consume.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Two Oh Eighteen


Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Stay positive, healthy and happy.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Front Door Grille

One of my favorite fixture in the house-- the house grille. We spent quite sometime just to decide what kind of design we want for our house grille. We consider grille as a major decision cos it cost a lot and we will live with it as long as we stay in this house haha.

I used to love white horizontal grille design like most apartment do but I want to open my wooden door for fresh air with grille locked. At the same time, I don't want cats sneak in or my little nieces climb up the grille. So I think that horizontal grille is not suitable for us. I don't want floral design either haha.

Continued browsing Pinterest and saw few design that caught my attention. Matte black grille with mesh wire. I've seen cafe and restaurant are using this kind of material for their fixtures. Wall divider, shelf, table and counter top. Look so modern and industrial. I showed to S and he like the idea.

He went to see his contractor friend on the next day and show the photo. A month later, they come and installed the grille. LOVE IT!

I don't have a full photo of my backyard grille but if you could squint your eyes through my kitchen window, you will see that mesh wire folding grille just like my front door grille hehe. 


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

DIY Pantry Jar Labels

While everyone are busy celebrating Christmas, I rather stay at home watching movie than going out cos I know it will be a missive traffic at every corner of Bandar Hilir. Mall, cafes, boutiques and restaurants are always pack with tourists on long weekend. So I decided to stay in and just do something at home. While browsing Pinterest, I saw this beautiful pantry and its remind me I haven't label my jars. My very long overdue project. So I made this little project to occupied my spare time last weekend..

Of course I wanted to print with a really nice font but I couldn't find sticker sheet so I bought this mini sticker at Daiso and handwritten the labels. All you need are just sticker label and pen and its done in merely 15 minutes haha. Done!

This little things that makes you happy and pure satisfaction.  


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Durian Bemban

Sempat singgah makan durian lepas balik dari rumah mak petang tadi. First time jumpa tempat ni last year masa kitorang teringin nak makan durian. Lalu area Tehel / Bemban dan nampak kedai uncle ni. Kedai dalam kebun. Last year masa kitorang sampai tempat ni durian tak banyak, ada laa tinggal dalam 5-6 biji. This year datang ngam ngam durian tinggal sebiji hahaha last one. Uncle offer cincai durian 101 RM30 sebiji. Ikutkan durian ni RM25/kg, kalau timbang confirm RM50+ sebab buah boleh tahan besar jugak. Rasa not bad, sedap. Isi kuning, tak berapa manis, lemak dan biji nipis. Puas hati makan durian sedap walaupun terasa macam tak cukup haha

Tengah duduk nak habiskan air, borak borak dengan uncle pasal durian then uncle cakap ada stock durian on the way dari Tangkak. Lagi 30 minit sampai kalau nak tunggu and makan durian lagi. Since terasa macam tak cukup je makan sebiji tadi hahaha kitorang pun tunggu sambil sambung borak dengan uncle.

Uncle import durian from Tangkak sebab durian kebun uncle baru berbunga. Dia bagitau, kalau dah keluar putik ni lagi 100 hari nanti baru buah durian masak dan gugur. Datang lagi 3 bulan kalau nak makan durian kebun uncle hehe.

Tengah leka borak tak lama lepas tu, durian sampai and we are the first one to queue. 2 bakul je supplier tu hantar. Nasib baik tengah tak berapa ramai orang menunggu. First come, first serve hehe. Uncle suggest ambil durian D13 and 101. Dua biji durian size medium tak ingat berapa kg lebih kurang RM86. Pilih, timbang, kopek, makan. Makan pulak bawah pokok durian redup, memang best.

Ni rasanya first time kitorang makan durian sampai kenyang haha. Mana taknya 3 biji terus sekali hadap. Dapat pulak buah baik, takde pangsa kosong, isi sedap lemak manis. 

Kalau korang datang bercuti kat Melaka time musim durian, bolehlah singgah kedai uncle ni tapi kedai uncle ni takde signage. Lupa nak tanya nama dia tadi. Kedai tepi jalan area kebun durian kat Bemban. Landmark senang kedai ni sebelah Eco Do Bem (kedai durian cantik ala cafe). Eco Do Bem pun best tapi ramai sangat orang, queue panjang and tak dapat nak pilih buah durian sangat. Nak datang lepak Eco Do Bem, kena datang on weekdays. 

PS : Tips lepas makan durian. Kalau korang tak nak tangan ada bau durian, try letak air dalam pangsa durian and cuci hujung jari dalam tu. Insyallah hilang bau durian hehe.

Kedai Durian Bemban
Jalan Asam Kumbang
Bemban, Melaka


Saturday, December 23, 2017

#6 Post


Is it me you looking for? Hehe oh wow, this is like my 6th post for 2017 hahaha such a bummer. I know I know, with Instagram these day, most of us prefer to update daily life on that micro blogging apps rather than write a proper post in a blog.

I miss writing like old days. 

I used to write more back in college days to improve my English. A good friend of mine who I consider good in English (currently living in Chicago) encourage me to read English novel and write a blog so she will check my words and correct it.

Years past when Facebook, Twitter and Instagram came to my life, I neglected my blog. Only write simple post for the sake of update.

Anyway, I logged out my Twitter and Instagram for days now. I wish I can log out from Facebook too but I run fb ads for our business. I don't know, I just think all of that just occupied too much of my time. I want to slowing down with social media and don't want to depend on it so much. Then maybe I will get my mojo back to write more and share thing or two in here.

Till then. Have a nice day :)