Thursday, February 15, 2018



Under sink is always the most unorganized area in our home. We take it for granted because nobody will look at your under sink so, you just throw everything down there.

I don't have much things in my undersink but it has been a mess there. Dishwashing liquid, cleaning tools, garbage plastic, empty cooking oil bottles, empty bottles and such. I never take my time to do anything about my under sink until one day, while browsing Pinterest and I stumble upon a nicely arranged under sink. It makes me think, why shouldn't I clean up my under sink and rearrange everything nicely.

It took me about a week looking for containers for my under sink and I found everything at Daiso. They have like a whole lot of nice and practical containers. Japanese are genius when it come to storage and organization. I love it!


The best part is this makeover just cost me less than RM25.00. Scored!


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