Monday, February 20, 2017

My dUCk Planner

dUCk Planner 2016

I always love filofax, planner, diary or any sort of notebooks since school. I used to stole my parents notebook (free from insurance, workplace etc) and asked for their old filofax for me to keep. I remember saw my colleague received a handmade notebook from her senior and I droll over that little black book haha. It's super thick I think it's about 2 inch of rings binded book consist of colored paper, hand drawn lines and some positive quotes.

I did made a similar notebook for myself. Bought loads of color paper and I start cutting old magazine for some images and fonts collage. The notebook full of bus tickets, movie tickets, lyrics, post-it and whatsnot. Hm, I wonder where did I put that book.

Anyway, I stop buying notebook after left high school and start to collect free notebooks but never use it when I start working. I have stack of unused free planners in my drawer and gave away to my little nieces for them to doodles.

Almost at the end of 2015, dUCk launch their planner for the first time and I didn't bother to buy it. It didn't caught my attention because the planner are case wrap and the cover colors are pale. A few minutes before clock struck midnight of new year, I browse fashionvalet website and saw the planners are still available in last 2 colors. Out of boredom, I bought one in Blush (Pink).

That's how I start to write in journal again. 

dUCk Planner 2017

And this year, I'm more into bullet journal (blame it to pinterest haha) which require more writing, hand drawn layouts, diy trackers and doodles.

I hope I will continue writing in journal and keep my life more organize with this new addiction.


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