Thursday, May 19, 2016

Window Grilles

My last entry was 7 months ago! Oh my, I seriously lost the touch to write in here. I always wanted to write something especially on Snuggland's progress but I guess Instagram are much more easier and fun haha. Well, actually it's kind of slow progress for Snuggland to update anything in here haha  >.< 

Anyway, our home is finally had grilles installed yesterday. Yes, long overdue. We made order in March, the grilles arrived at home in April (but the contractor went abroad for long holiday) and only yesterday he managed to came by and do the installation.

Since we are not rush to furnish Snuggland, we don't mind the delay.

S actually a bit particular with grilles' design. He doesn't want complicated design like floral or curves and white stripes seem too common. We took quite a time to decide on design and color. Padahal kerja simple je ni haha. After months of browsing pinterest, we decided to choose matte black flat bar for our windows. Simple and neat. 

Grilles, done. Now, we can start looking for curtains hehe

It's almost invisible from outside and I loved it. 


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